Wie von uns schon beschrieben, erscheint die „informelle anarchistische föderation“ (staatsterroristische briefbomben?) höchst obskur --- nun hat die original FAI eine erklärung aus dem jahre 2003 aus aktuellem anlass veröffentlicht, die wir hier übernehmen. auf daß die herrschenden medien -auch in deutschland -ihr immer hässlicher werdendes gekrächze im schnee verlieren ….

The Coordinating Committee of the Italian Anarchist Federation (FAI), referring to the phantom-like appearance of a „FAI (Informal Anarchist Federation)“ claiming to be the authors of the explosions in Bologna: ---- We denounces the serious and infamous nature of attributing this kind of facts to initials alluding to the monogram of FAI – Italian Anarchist Federation: – whoever points out a group of comrades to repression is a police or one that cooperates with them. Recall the historical issue of the anarchist organization as it took features in St. Imierís Congress in 1872 down to the founding acts of the Congresses of UAI (Italian Anarchist Union) in 1920 and FAI (Italian Anarchist Federation) in 1945: AN ORGANIZATION IN NO WAY INFORMAL, because in transparency and collegiality of the charges relies the guarantee of a libertarian and egalitarian method of assuming decisions asserts once more its condemnation of bombs, exploding parcels and such devices, that may strike without discrimination, and in any way look – at best – to be functional to logic of provocation and criminalization of dissent through the media, in a moment in which anarchists are among the protagonists of social conflicts – from strikes, to initiatives against war, etc.;
once more asserts that the instruments of federated anarchists are employed in open street confrontation, in social struggle, in grass roots and self organized syndicalism, in all movements, in the dozens of localities in which we run clubs open to the public – always in outspoken opposition to the logics of dominion and Stateís terrorism, for the construction of a society of free and equals.

Bei „Töne“ ein (Musik-)video zu Piazza Fontana Bologna 1969

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